Traditional Crafts
Biennale 2021

Law of Traditional Crafts

전통공예의 법칙



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Equilibrium in Jinju


One major exhibition at the Jinju Traditional Craft Biennale will display the city of Jinju’s traditional works of Somok and Duseok. The theme of this particular exhibition is ‘Equilibrium of Craft’.

This is a philosophical way of seeing the world as being stable and balanced, and we aim to present through the traditional works of Somok, how various social components work in harmonic balance.

Can we find in the Somok works of Jinju, an infinite blend between the law of traditional crafts and intentionality based on historical experiences? This is indeed the effort that must be made when we appreciate the Somok works that embody both the unique experiences of artists and their intentionality, and the laws of crafts that penetrate the eastern and western craftworks.

As the final destination of our journey in 2021 Jinju Traditional Craft Biennale, we seek to discover the equilibrium of aesthetic sense of craft which has the consilience of craft through the eastern and western craftworks, and the intentionality of craft through the works of senior craft artists through Jinju’s traditional works of Somok and Duseok.


Namgaram Museum