Traditional Crafts
Biennale 2021

Law of Traditional Crafts

전통공예의 법칙



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Consilience of Craft


The transcendental consilience of
Eastern and Western craft rules

The Gyeongnam Culture and Arts Center, the first theme hall of the 2021 Jinju Traditional Crafts Biennale, will hold exchange exhibition between senior artists from South Korea and artists from other UNESCO creative cities. This exhibition will allow us to examine how the consilience of crafts transcends time and space of the East and the West.

Does craft have laws? If they exist, can they have the same status as the laws of nature? Also, can such laws be clearly expressed as in the mathematical language of natural science? The laws of craft cannot be explicitly expressed as the laws of natural science. However, it is believed that some kind of law still exists that structure the natural facts and materials in the process of craft activities. Certainly, such law will be premised upon tacit knowledge, rather than explicit knowledge.

Even if Eastern and Western crafts seem to have different materials and techniques, if one can realize the fact that similar laws or rules operate beneath both styles of crafts, this will lead to the discovery of ‘consilience of crafts’.


Gyeongnam Culture & Art Center